The Terraformers We Leave The World Better Than We Found It A Division of The Sea Lions Foundation Hey!  We’ve Been Written Up In National Media!  Read It Now! The Terraformers are people who’ve committed  to clean up the oceans, oxygenate the Baltic and Black Seas (they’re aquatic deserts), and more. Governments, very few of them, are making only token efforts at these problems. Every Terraformer choose their avenues of fundraising.  Any and all legitimate fund-raising methods can be used; we don’t try to control Terraformers, only coach and guide.  As we build LifeYachts for the work of collecting the plastic, they’ll be available to Terraformers in return for their service. Every Terraformer volunteer spends a certain amount  of time  working at the Freedom Fleet, living with their family, if they  have one, in a LifeYacht, to acclimate in calm river water to water-borne life.  Anyone who’s planning to own a LifeYacht needs to know it intimately, including how it’s built and how to address anything that may need attention.                     Consider: to clean a typical ocean garbage patch (they’re the size of Texas, and there are five of them), if we put 400 ships in a line, with a 100’ extractor unit on each side, they’ll form a line 21 miles long.  They’ll be pulling the garbage out of the ocean while leaving the fish, dolphins, etc. unharmed.  In good weather, they could be moving 50 miles a day, so we’ll clean 1000 square miles of ocean per day.  The 6 Garbage Patches are each right about 600,000 square miles.  That means that such a fleet could clean a garbage patch in about 600 days.  At two miles per hour, that’s less than a two-year job, and it’s done. Four six-month tours.  Move on to the next garbage patch, rinse and repeat. It’s solid work, but we can do it.  There are no benefits of scale, either: twice as many ships merely cuts the time in half, and we have five garbage patches to clean.  It’s a job, but one that can be done.  We’ll also send our Diplomatic Corps to work with garbage-dumping nations to get them to work with us.  If we can get the garbage scows to meet us and deliver their garbage instead of dumping it, we can stop the problem from growing while we clean up what’s already out there. This can be done.  The people responsible for it won’t do it.  And the fact is, we need this planet, with functioning oceans, if our descendants are going to have anywhere to live, at least until they can build spaceships.  That’s not a joke. Our plan and goal is to give each of our volunteers a LifeYacht as partial compensation for their service.  If you can possibly learn any of the languages our Diplomatic Corps needs, do it, and spend part of your tour in the Diplomatic Corps, negotiating garbage remediation.  When you’re done with your tour in the Terraformers and Launch, and conduct international trade all around the world, the experience will be invaluable to you.  Whether you make millions or hundreds, your life will be very rich, very full.  We’ve set this up to take care of a need for everyone, a problem for the world, and to set as many of our volunteers as we can completely free of economic considerations.  Once you Launch in your own LifeYacht, you’ll be able to go anywhere in the world there’s some water and wind, for free, for life, in comfort.  Stay in water that’s moving enough to provide your electricity, and you’ll have utilties for life.  If you don’t want to live full-time on your LifeYacht, dock it in Cancun and have an agent rent it out to tourists for a thousand dollars a day....sell it for’s all up to you, and that’s the way we want it. We think asking for some of your time, your energy, and your initiative is a fair trade for all that. Really. Top of Page Reach Us At Our Commercial Division, Sun Direct Power 918/612-4090 Mazzio’s Coupon Books Make A Donation Online! Patronize our Sponsors! (No, don’t speak to them as if they were children, spend money at their businesses!) Introductory Meeting!!! Learn How To Save the World And Get Paid to Do It. Dinner Provided.  Click to Reserve Your Seats